Your Guide to the Best Pergola Installers and Styles

Now that lockdown is over, you want to spend more time outside with your family and friends. But it’s difficult to decide where to go or what to do, and some people are still nervous to go to public places.

The best option is to enjoy the outside space of your home. You want to appreciate quality time relaxing, socializing, and having fun at home, but there’s just not enough space to accommodate everyone. 

A pergola is the best solution to expanding your useable outside space. You can have a beautiful yet practical pergola in your garden to enjoy with your loved ones. Read on to find out what pergola styles are available and what to look for in the best pergola installers. 

Benefits of a Pergola

More and more Americans are enjoying the benefits of a pergola in the garden. Spending time outside is good for your health and allows you to appreciate your beloved garden. A pergola provides a more usable space outside for your enjoyment. Other benefits of a pergola include:

  • Provides shade
  • Defines a usable space
  • Provides shelter from the rain
  • Provides a structure for plants to climb
  • Could increase the value of your home
  • An affordable way to improve your garden
  • Creates an outdoor extension of your home

You’d like to add a pergola to your garden, but what styles of pergolas are available and who should install it for you? Keep reading to find out.

Pergola Styles

Pergolas come in a variety of styles and materials. You can choose a style that best suits your needs to provide you with the most enjoyment. 

Pitched or Flat Top

Pergolas traditionally have a flat top or roof. Some people prefer a pitched style to provide the best water runoff when it rains. Pitched styles are usually for larger pergolas in parks and estate gardens. They provide a more spacious feeling underneath with a higher ceiling.

Flat-top pergolas are the popular choice for residential gardens and home extensions. If the roofing material is added, the top can be built slightly slanted to allow efficient water runoff. 

Open Top

This is one of the most common styles of traditional pergolas. Mimicking the Mediterranean style, there is no roofing material on the top creating an open-air feel. This allows plenty of light and air circulation.


For a modern minimalist look, a sail made of stretched fabric can be a popular roof option. A sail provides shade and shelter from the rain. However, it’s not as durable in the variable Colorado weather as traditional roofing materials. 


Steel is a good option for durability and longevity regarding the harsh Colorado weather. However, steel pergolas are not always that popular due to their high price and ‘heavy’ industrial appearance. Most people prefer something softer to blend in with their garden.


Wood is a beautiful, cost-effective material for pergolas. This natural material will blend well with any garden design and can be left natural or painted to suit your taste. But wood is susceptible to insect damage and can split, warp, peel and rot over time. 

Colorado’s hot summers and snowy winters will cause a lot of stress to the wood. This means a wooden pergola will require a lot of maintenance and care. 


Fast becoming one of the most popular materials for pergolas, aluminum offers many benefits. You can get the durability and longevity of metal without the heavy industrial look.

You can now get the attractive natural look of wood without the high maintenance in insect problems. Manufacturers like ElitewoodTM now offer high-quality patio covers with a wood grain design available in natural wood finish or stylish colors to suit backyard styles.

Completely insect and weather-resistant and with no need for maintenance, we believe aluminum pergolas to be the best option for a pergola that will last a lifetime. 

Qualities of Great Pergola Installers

Installing a pergola isn’t always a simple process. DIY enthusiasts may attempt to build a pergola themselves, only to find out it’s more complicated than they thought. Whether free-standing or attached to your home, your pergola needs to be structurally sound and well designed for safety and durability.

The process requires in-depth knowledge in planning, construction skills, and garden landscaping. 

If you’re going to invest in a pergola to improve your outside space, it’s best to hire experienced professionals to get the best results and value for money. But how do you choose which pergola installers to use? Here are some important qualities to look for.

Accredited Professionals

As with any company you hire to conduct structural work on your property, they must be accredited and insured to do so. For Pergola installers, you want to look for accreditations such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating, energy star certified, National Fenestration Rating Council certified, and Lead-safe certified.  

Excellent Customer Reviews

Check the reputation of the pergola installers by researching their customer reviews. Of course, the more reviews and higher ratings they have, the more likely they are to provide you with customer satisfaction too. Check out reviews on their website, social media, Google, and service pages like Yelp. 

Full Range of Services

Choosing a company that can offer you a full service for the installation of your pergola will make the process a lot easier. The installers should work with you to create a design that suits your needs with a transparent estimate. They should possess all the equipment, materials, and resources needed to complete the build.

They should communicate the entire process with you so there are no surprises. It’s important for the company to offer a follow-up after completion to check if there are any minor issues and you’re happy with the result.

Offer Financing 

This is a great benefit that not all companies offer. Pergola installers that provide financing options mean you can get the pergola you want now and pay later. Look for a company that offers an interest-free payment option.  

Get Your Dream Pergola

Make the most of your outside space and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle with your loved ones. Our professional pergola installers here at Colorado Classic Exteriors can provide you with a beautiful custom-made pergola for your home. We offer all the qualities of the best pergola installers in Colorado.

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