Our Focus: The Best Possible Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction has long been talked about across businesses of all sizes, from the smallest Mom and Pop business through to mega corporations. As people start to emerge from pandemic hibernation, there is a growing need to look at how we best serve our customers and improve their experience. Here is why that presents a challenge and three of the reasons that we are seeing this as an opportunity to focus on providing the best customer experience.

People are frustrated

After more than two years of restriction, heightened anxiety, and lacking control of what they do, people are feeling frustrated. Now when they walk through our front door, often they have been considering their problem for some time. Many of our clients have been faced with a growing sense of urgency to find a solution, but have been forced to wait in order to even seek out help, nevermind get the process underway.

This lengthy period of time where service providers and their customers have been kept at arm’s length has left both parties a little rusty on how to have the best experience working together, so focusing on what causes customers to have a poor experience is an important consideration.

They want great service

The customer is always right, right? Whether you believe that or not, customers do expect great customer service. The businesses that have survived the past few years have largely done so on the back of their reputation for providing great customer service, and now that things are headed back to business as usual, it’s time to lift the game. 

Customers are not just looking for the experience that says they got what they wanted or needed. They are looking for the experience that exceeds their expectations so finding ways to impress is crucial. Bringing your A-game to customer service means treating every customer like they’re your only customer and serving them with everything they need, including exceptional communication.

Can’t get no satisfaction

Unsatisfied customers are the worst case scenario for any business. Finding ways to meet them where they are and get them to where they want to be is the best way to satisfy customers. That is why it is so important to look at what is really going on for them when they walk in the door. For a lot of people, times are tougher than they remember experiencing before, so showing understanding of that and offering ways to make products and services more easily accessible for them is a great start. 

More diversity in service offerings, broader finance terms, and robust systems to support customers who might be struggling can turn a stressed or anxious customer into a deeply satisfied one, which can only ever be a good thing. Satisfied customers become advocates for a business, sharing their satisfying experience with people they know. In the current climate, there is no better marketing than a satisfied customer raving about your business. 

Promises, promises

There is little else that will bring out the worst in a customer than having a service promise broken. Timeframes, quality of products, pricing, and diversity of products all serve as potential issues for a business, particularly with increasing pressure on raw materials and shipping. 

Under promise and over deliver is the order of the day, ensuring customers walk away not just satisfied, but impressed as well. Clear, concise marketing that says exactly what the customer can expect without any of the smoke and mirrors that some businesses use to mislead their customers. Offering deep discounts on previously inflated pricing may seem like an effective marketing ploy but offering a consistently fair price, one that won’t drop dramatically a week after a customer has paid, is a much more sustainable way to keep customers happy and coming back through the door time and again.

Our focus is your experience

At Colorado Classic Exteriors we firmly believe that the experience of our customers is the number one measure of our success, which is why we treat our customers like they’re family. Our customers live busy lives, have big dreams, and really care about the little things. 

Finding new ways to raise our customer satisfaction game excites us. That is why we continue to focus on how we can provide the best possible service that leaves our customers satisfied and our promises intact.