Our Installation Process

We want to give you a look at what you can expect when you work with Colorado Classic Exteriors for your next home improvement project.

Step 1: Discovery & Assessment

The beginning of your project starts with you contacting us. You can call us, email us, or request a free project evaluation.

We’ll get back to you right away and ask you for more information about what you’re looking for. We can provide guidance and over-the-phone quoting, doing our best to provide rough estimated sight-unseen.

Step 2: Appraisal

Next, you’ll get to set up an appointment with a Project Lead.

During your appointment, we’ll inspect your property and take photos and measurements. We’ll bring samples of the products you’re looking for and a few alternatives. This way, you can touch and see the products and determine which one would works best for you.

This can take up to an hour depending on how many questions you have for us. We’ll present you with an appraisal before leaving your home.

Step 3: Planning

We’ll provide you with a few buying options:

All pricing is done by volume so it’s to your advantage to get a full appraisal for all of the work you’d like completed and then either complete the work all at once, or in pieces as you become ready for each upgrade.

Buildable volume retrogrades back. This means that if you purchase some of your installations today and some later, you can still get a bulk discount on the installations you complete within the year.

"The days of coupon clipping and feeling pressured are finally over!"

Your Project, Our answers

Explore our products and learn more about your options and, in addition, receive a quote from us.


Replacement Windows for your home
Exterior Doors, i.e. Front Door, Sliding Patio Doors, Swinging Patio doors
Pergolas and Patio Covers


Our goal is to always provide a stress free quoting and buying process. That means none of the typical gimmicks buy one get one free, 50% doors. We price fairly from the beginning and do our best to stay within budget, which means no haggling over price.

We pride ourselves on being consultant based rather than commission salesmen. Because of this we are able to offer a variety of options to our customers. We will make recommendations based on your project and the quality of service that can be provided to you.

Yes! We know there are a lot of options out there and that can make it confusing when making a purchase. 
We do our best to provide estimates that are budget friendly and that means if we need to take a second look we are happy to do so.

Each project is different which means your timeline can vary depending on your specific needs. Some projects can take as little as 8 weeks where others take up to 18 weeks….yikes! 
It’s always a good idea to plan ahead so that your project is completed when you desire.