How to Choose the Right Style for Your Exterior Door, Denver

The exterior doors play an important role in the curb appeal of a home, they help determine whether it looks like an inviting, well-kept place or not at first glance. Since they have such a big impact it can be an overwhelming job to pick just the right one when it’s time to replace them. 

With seemingly unlimited options, we’ve created a guide to help you narrow down your choices until you’ve found just the right fit for your house. You’ll get the door that looks great and also works best for your family as well. 

Follow our tips to help you find the best exterior door in Denver to take your home’s exterior design to the next level! 

New Material Options

When driving around a newer neighborhood, you might be shocked to find out that not all exterior doors have to be made of the same material. Even though it may look that way!

In fact, a replacement door can come in a wide range of options to match basically any design preference you may have and meet any functional need. The key is to find the balance between the two so you have the perfect fit for your home! We always suggest using a material that is built to withstand the elements and look great for years. 

Wood, metal (aluminum or steel), and fiberglass are the most common exterior door material types. They each have benefits and drawbacks but all can be beautiful and long-lasting. 

Make a Statement

Once you’ve decided which material you want to go with for your new exterior door, now is the time to decide how you’re going to boost your curb appeal. It’s time to figure out how you’re going to use the door in the overall design

Some homeowners like to use their exterior door as the main focal point of the design. They’ll do this by having it be a bright contrasting (but complimenting) color or with a large casing and trim work surrounding it. This option certainly makes a large statement. 

Other homeowners choose to have their door be more of a complementary part of the whole design instead of a stand-out. This would look like the door blending in more with softer color and more similar trim work to the windows. 

This is where using programs to mock up your options is a good idea to see which final product you’ll like the best. 

Think About Function

While you certainly want to love the way your front door looks, the way it works is equally (if not more) important. An exterior door doesn’t just have to be one singular door as we’ve traditionally seen. 

As you’re thinking about how the doors will be used in your daily life, what will be brought in and out of them, how often they’ll be opened, and things like that, consider other options outside of that normal singular door. Maybe french doors, a dutch door, extra-wide double doors, sliding doors, or accordion-style doors would work better for your family. 

There are a lot of options available, you don’t have to go the traditional route if it’s not what will be the best choice! 

Add Extra Features

But if a traditional single door is what will work best, consider adding extra features to make it feel more customized for your family’s needs. 

Things like new hardware are small touches but can completely transform the entire look of the door. Not to mention the added safety of changing out the locks for a smart locking system and the peace of mind that would bring. 

If you have animals, adding pet doors to your home is always a good idea to make things easier for you and them! 

Budget Considerations 

As with any house improvement project, it’s important to keep the budget in mind as you’re making all of your decisions. The best way to feel confident in your purchase is to set your price limits ahead of time before you even begin your search. 

This way you know what your options are and can stay within that budget much easier. Those things that are out of your price range won’t even be temptations because they won’t even be options to you at that point. It’s also a good idea to keep any professional who is helping you in the loop of any budget so they can best help you as well. 

Installation Process 

Unfortunately, new doors aren’t just going to hang themselves! As you’re picking out your new one, you’ll need to think about door installation and how that’s going to be handled at your home whether you’ll be tackling the job yourself or hiring it out for the professionals. 

There are a lot of jobs that most homeowners can handle by themselves around the house. We don’t always recommend that homeowners try to hang new doors on their own. It’s a difficult task that has to be done with a lot of precision.

Most homeowners find it’s much easier to hire the job out to professionals with a lot of experience handling this kind of thing. They feel a lot of confidence in the safety and function of their new door. 

Helping You Find the Best Exterior Door in Denver

While we use them several times a day and it’s often one of the first things we look at in a home, we often take the front door for granted. But these pieces of the home really do have the ability to change the whole house!

When you’re looking for a new exterior door in Denver, don’t forget to work with the experts to get all the best advice, newest options, and available options. These professionals will be able to help you find just the right fit for your home that looks great while still giving you the safety and function you’re looking for. 

If your exterior design is in need of an upgrade whether it’s doors, windows, siding, or pergolas, contact us today to see what we can do for you!