How to Find the Right Sliding Patio Doors in Denver

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly more popular, and transforming the backyard or deck into a lounging area is near the top of the wishlist for many homeowners. But what you may have not considered was the doorway between your home and yard.

Believe it or not, your patio door is an important aspect of the character and value of your home. You probably haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it until you find yourself in need of a new or replacement door.

If you’re looking for sliding patio doors in Denver, you may be wondering where to start. We have your guide to finding the right fit for your home and tastes below.  

Benefits of a New Patio Door

There are many reasons you may need a new sliding patio door. Your old one could be broken or dysfunctional, old and leaky, or just not the style you want.

It’s important that your patio door is energy efficient in order to prevent heat or air conditioning from leaking out. This can drive up your energy bill and interfere with your home’s comfort. A new patio door can help boost the energy efficiency in your home, making it easier to heat or cool without your furnace and air conditioner working overtime.  

Another great benefit of a sliding patio door is that it allows natural light to flood your home. Not only does this help increase your vitamin D, but it can also help with seasonal depression and sleep. 

The increased natural light will also help to connect you with nature, giving you views to your yard, deck, or patio. It also serves as an entrance and exit to your outdoor space. You could always consider adding a pergola to help increase the privacy and shade factor, as well. 

Lastly, a new patio door can serve as a focal point, creating more character. Just like your front door can say a lot about your home and style, so can a sliding door along the back or side of your home. 

Choosing a Patio Door

A sliding door is made up of two glass panels mounted on a track. One side is fixed, while the other will slide back and forth in a parallel manner. This option allows for the most living space because the door doesn’t swing, blocking parts of your home or patio. 

A sliding door is one of the most common and popular options in homes today. You might think that choosing a new patio door is simple and straightforward. But once you start looking, you’ll find that the options and possibilities are numerous!


There are several options you can choose from when it comes to materials for your patio door. Keep in mind the low humidity and seasonal temperature changes in Colorado may make some materials a better option than others for your specific needs. 


Vinyl is a popular choice for sliding doors because of its durability and versatility. Not only does vinyl look great in any home, but you can choose colors for the door and frames that fit your color preference and exterior. It’s also one of the most affordable options.


Fiberglass is more expensive than other materials, but the trade-off is low maintenance, durability, and customized options. It holds up well to extreme weather, as we’re prone to get in Denver!


Wood is a classic look, creating a warm and welcoming look to your home. Wood does need more maintenance in order to keep it in top condition, though.

Customizable Options

Once you’ve decided on your material, your next step is to select any custom elements or upgrades that you want to include. 

Glass is going to be one of the most important decisions. For example, do you want one clean pane of glass or do you want a grid pattern? If you have neighbors close by, do you want to tint or frost your glass to prevent them from looking directly into your bedroom or dining room? 

Another factor to consider is the energy efficiency of your glass. A lot of warmed and cooled air can be lost through glass, so consider how much you’re willing to pay for higher quality glass compared to higher energy bills. 

If you want to maximize the amount of natural light in your home, consider adding a transom. This is a window that goes above the sliding door to allow in more light. Sidelights, or narrow windows placed on either side of your sliding door, are also a popular option to maximizes views and light. 

You’ll want to consider the hardware options, depending on your style or needs. If you have young children, a high-quality lock is vital to keep them from wandering outside unnoticed. It is also a security measure you won’t want to skip. 

A screen door is also a great option for spring and fall when the weather is just right to allow fresh air through your home when you don’t need heat or air conditioning. Another possibility is adding a pet door to allow your animals to come and go as needed. 

And don’t forget to get blinds or drapes the correct size to help maintain your privacy! They can also act as an additional energy barrier that keeps your temperature in your home right where you want it. 

Finding the Best Sliding Patio Doors in Denver

No matter your budget, getting a high-quality patio door is possible! We pride ourselves on ensuring that the cutout and beam necessary to a door installation are done properly. We also make sure any gaps are filled with extra insulation to ensure your home is energy efficient all-around your new door. 

Finding the best sliding patio doors in Denver has never been easier. Check out our free estimate tool to see how we can help you install a new sliding patio door this summer.