Denver Patio Covers – Wood, Metal, Vinyl: Picking the Right Material

Denver residents enjoy an average of 245 sunny days each year. That’s 40 more days with rays than the national average. 

While there’s plenty to do in the sunshine, we all need a break. Too much direct sun can be harmful to skin and eyes. Enjoying meals outside is difficult when the hot sun is beating down on you.

Over time, sunshine can fade patio furniture, fabric, stamped concrete, and decks.

How can you enjoy the sun’s benefits without being overwhelmed with heat or hazardous rays? Keep reading to learn more about the best Denver patio covers available.


A pergola (pur-guh-luh) is an open shelter with vertical slats across the top. Pergolas shade from harsh, direct sunlight. They don’t block the sun’s rays completely, though.

Pergolas are great for those who want the benefits of sitting outdoors without excessive heat from direct sunlight.

Flat Panel Patio Cover

A flat panel patio cover (or patio cover) also sits on top of an open shelter. Unlike a pergola, a patio cover covers the entire surface. Flat panel patio covers provide full shade for those underneath them.

Flat Panel patio covers are perfect for those who want to be outside and avoid the sun’s rays.

Materials Matter

Finding the right patio cover depends on budget, climate, space, and personal preference. It’s important to do your research to find the right fit for you.

Here’s a look at the most common patio cover materials.


Wood is beautiful and timeless. It can be stained or painted to match just about anything.

From rustic farmhouse to modern boho, there’s a wood type to fit any style.

It’s also versatile. You can select large, thick beams for your wooden pergola. Need more coverage? Consider a wood patio cover or small, thin pergola beams.

The Downsides

Wood is a little fussy. It needs to be sanded and stained every few years. With current lumber costs, wood is also very expensive.

If a wood patio cover or pergola isn’t properly taken care of, it will peel, split, or even rot. Homeowners in hot and humid climates will notice a shorter lifespan of their wood pergolas.

Now let’s talk about bugs. Carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites are the top three wood property destroyers in the United States. Homeowners need to take extra preventative measures in


Vinyl is a great option for homeowners on a budget. Depending on the quality, it can be more durable in harsher climates. Vinyl is much less likely to peel or crack as quickly as wood.

Since vinyl-eating bugs have yet to be discovered, homeowners are pretty safe from vinyl patio cover destruction by insects.

Vinyl is great for shielding patios from the sun. It’s a very lightweight material. This is good news for those who want a patio covering on their deck, but thought it too heavy.

The Downsides

Vinyl doesn’t look as nice or polished as some other patio coverings. For that reason, some homeowners’ associations won’t allow it.

There are limited color options available for vinyl materials. There are few color options available to homeowners. Most vinyl is brightly colored and neutral tones are very hard to find.

Since it can’t be stained, there’s no changing that vinyl patio color.

Lower quality vinyl isn’t durable for long. It can age quickly and start to crack or peel earlier than wood or metal materials.


Metal patio covers are economical and efficient. Aluminum is the most popular metal used to cover patios.


Aluminum is a durable and affordable metal. Once it’s up, there’s hardly any maintenance at all.

Aluminum is lightweight, which is ideal for those who want a deck pergola or patio cover.

The downsides? Traditional aluminum can get very hot. Aluminum is a heat conductor. Even if it’s providing shade, it conducts and puts out heat on sunny days.

Aluminum is also loud. It protects rain or hail, but those standing under it will want to cover their ears!

Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers

Technology advances in aluminum have come a long way. Elitewood Aluminum, for example, is an aluminum product that looks like wood.

Unlike wood, Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers are resistant to harmful insects like termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees.

Get the Perfect Look

Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers have a primer baked in during construction. Their products are available in a wide variety of colors. Teflon and Alumashield technology make Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers sun, salt, and rain resistant.

Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers are thicker than traditional aluminum beams as well. However, they’re still lightweight and come in customizable sizes.

Denver Patio Covers

Denver sees all the seasons and plenty of sunshine. While the sun brings many benefits, it can also be harmful. Homeowners can enjoy partial protection with pergolas or full shade with denver patio covers.

Wood pergolas and patio covers are easily customizable to any design or color. Wood is also a sturdy, yet expensive, material. Wood is also vulnerable to damage by insects and needs to be sanded and stained every two or three years.

Vinyl patio covers won’t split or be damaged by insects. Vinyl comes in limited colors and doesn’t have the same upscale look as other materials.

Aluminum patio covers are durable, affordable, and attractive. Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers offer the look of wood without the maintenance.

Find Your Perfect Pergola

At Colorado Classic Exteriors, we want to help you find the perfect pergola or patio cover material. Each customer is assigned to a project lead who doesn’t work on commission. Check out our handy estimating tool and build your own pergola or patio cover.

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