Should I Wait to Call for Siding Services?

Has your home begun to look old? Worn out? Tired? 

There is a simple way to make your home look like a brand new house. If done well, new James Hardie or other fiber cement siding gives your home a completely new look and incredible curb appeal. You may not even recognize your own house once a contractor has finished. 

Plus experts estimate that new siding can add up to a 78 percent return value on your home. 

How do you know when the time has come to call a specialist in siding services? The following symptoms may be signs that it’s time to replace your siding. 

Bug Infestation

If you’ve noticed a bug infestation, you may need to repair or replace your siding. The bugs find small breaches in the siding and work their way into your home. 

James Hardie or other fiber cement siding seems like it should prevent such an infestation. However, even a small hole can act as a gateway for bugs. Termites, ants, and a variety of other species can wreak havoc on your home and make your domicile less than desirable. 

Damaged Siding

The environment can easily damage your siding. Years of harsh sunlight mixed in with the cold and snow of winter leave siding cracked and warped, not to mention faded with severe discoloration. 

This kind of damage will lead to other problems other than unsightly siding. Peel back one of your damaged siding pieces to see if your underlayment has any damage or rot. If so, it’s time to replace your siding. 

A Colorado Classic Exterior contractor will give you an honest recommendation so you know how much new siding will cost you and what benefits it offers you.  

Moisture Leaks and Mold

When you have old, compromised siding, moisture works its way beneath the siding. You might notice soft sheetrock on the inside of your home and wonder if your roof is leaking. Your old siding could easily be the culprit. 

Moisture leads to other unwanted problems such as mildew, mold, and fungus. The mold can grow on the inside of your home, undetected, causing all kinds of problems. 

Mold exposure can lead to debilitating mold-related illnesses. New siding can help you find the mold, deal with it, and prevent it from growing again. 

The mildew and fungus can grow on the outside of your siding, leading to an unsightly exterior. You can attempt to get rid of the mildew by power washing the siding. If the problem persists, though, it’s time to look into a new siding treatment. 

Old Siding

Perhaps you hit the jackpot of all siding when you first put vinyl siding on your house. It may be old but not showing any signs of wear. Should you still replace it? 

Examine your siding carefully. Though it might not show the typical signs of wear and tear at first glance, the environmental hazards will leave it brittle and ready to break when the next hail storm hits. 

Siding will soon begin to sag as well over time. If you notice sagging or worn siding, bring in a siding expert to determine if you need new siding. 

High Energy Bills

Pay close attention to your energy bills. Have you noticed them creeping higher every month? Increasing energy rates could cause this problem, but you can combat the issue with better siding. 

Worn siding creates a low-efficiency environment, allowing air to leak and making your HVAC system work hard. As a result, you end up with higher energy bills and an HVAC system that wears out faster than it should.

Also, if you pay attention to real estate trends, you’ll quickly recognize that energy-efficient homes are rising in value. People recognize the value of saving money monthly, and they’re willing to spend more on a home that can do that. 

New siding will lower your monthly energy bill. James Hardie or other fiber cement siding will help lower your energy bill because it offers the necessary, new insulation to keep your home protected. 

If you have old siding, it will have begun to sag and wear, even in places where you can’t see the change. New siding will have a tighter seal and will keep your heat and cool air where you want them, saving you money on your energy bill. 

Once a Colorado Classic Exterior contractor has finished installing your new siding, you should see your energy bills decrease noticeably. Your home value will go up as well. All of this spells great financial savings and even gains for you down the road. 

Peeling Paint

Paint that won’t adhere to its surface both inside and outside your home indicates a problem with your siding. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to avoid replacing your siding by painting it. This fix will work for a while, giving your house a new look. Eventually, though, the paint will no longer adhere to the old siding. 

If you begin to notice paint peeling on the inside of your home, you also may have a problem with the exterior of your home. Moisture can creep up under the siding and through your walls. As a result, wallpaper and paint alike will begin to peel off the sheetrock. 

If you notice paint peeling, call a siding expert at Colorado Classic Exterior to have your siding evaluated and replaced. 

Seek Siding Services Today

If you think your home needs new siding, seek out an expert in siding services today. Do not attempt to tackle this project on your own. You want an expert who can inspect your home and evaluate your needs. 

Use our estimate tool ahead of time to figure out how much new siding will cost you. Then give us a call. We’d love to help you make your home look brand new and raise its value all at the same time.