A pergola can transform your living space.

6 Tips For Finding the Ultimate Denver Pergola For Your Home

With the Denver summer in full swing, you might be on the lookout for new patio cover ideas. When the sun hits hard, there’s nothing better than sitting in a shady, breezy part of your garden, so you should consider buying a pergola. But with so many styles, options, and prices out there, how do you even begin to narrow down your selection?

No worries, we have done that for you. In this article, we will offer you six expert tips to use when buying your Denver pergola. Get ready for a home renovation like no other!

1. Measure up Your Available Space

First of all, you are going to need to take some measurements. This is an essential part of the buying process, as it will also enable you to better gauge how you can use your pergola, which style you’d like it to be in, and where in your patio you are going to place it.

So, get yourself some measuring tape and check the length, width, height, and overall area size. And once you have done this, check your measurements a couple more times, to ensure that they are as precise as possible.

2. Think About How You Will Use It

Maybe you already had an idea in terms of your pergola’s function, but now that you know how big (or small) it will be, things are probably a bit clearer. One of the amazing things about pergolas is that they can fulfill a wide range of needs, both for you and for the rest of your family (including little ones!).

For example, you may decide that your pergola will just be a decorative feature for your patio. In this case, you could add some gorgeous flowers, some garden lights, hanging baskets, or other ornaments.

Or, why not use it as an extension of your indoor dining room? Your alfresco meals will taste delightful under the shade of an elegant pergola.

3. Decide on a Style

Now, for the most fun and exciting part: the aesthetics of your pergola. Pergolas come in so many different styles that sometimes it’s a struggle to pick just one. The style you select will need to be both a reflection of your personality and a way to complement your indoor home design.

Opt for a cabin-style wooden pergola if you are seeking to achieve that ultra-popular rustic, rural look. Or, make it super-modern and sleek by incorporating a sophisticated TV and sound system set into its beams.

Are you a lover of ancient Greece and Rome? A colonnade pergola might be a fabulous way to turn your garden into a little corner of Mediterranean Europe.

4. Consider Your Budget

A beautiful, long-lasting, good-quality pergola is a fairly significant investment. Before jumping into the buying process, you will need to have a rough budget in mind, of course allowing for some wiggle room. Even the cheapest pergola can come up to a few hundred dollars, but the price will soar depending on your specifications, needs, and goals.

When putting together your budget, make sure that you also factor in your pergola’s maintenance. Different styles, sizes, and materials have different maintenance requirements, and some of them can be very expensive. So, do a bit of research beforehand, in order to be better prepared for your pergola shopping trip.

5. Think About Where You Will Place It

Another practical consideration that you will need to bear in mind when choosing the right pergola is where in your garden it will be placed. There are several different aspects that you will need to factor in.

For example, there might be a specific section of your patio that you think your pergola might look stunning in. But is that area safe for your children or pets?

And is your pergola’s placement going to affect any of your existing plants or wildlife? Also, remember to be considerate and think about how your pergola might impact your next-door neighbors.

6. Decide on the Material You Need

As we have seen, pergolas come in pretty much all shapes and sizes, but manufacturers generally tend to stick to only a few specific materials. Which one you will choose depends on both your personal taste and your pergola’s features.

Wood is a favorite pergola material amongst homeowners. A wooden pergola can give your patio that relaxed, rustic vibe that many people seek and love. Want to try something a little bit different?

Consider a steel pergola. Yes, it might not sound as idyllic and romantic as a wooden one, but if you are looking for a very big pergola then steel is a great material. This is because steel requires less structural support as opposed to wood and other materials.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Denver Pergola for Your Patio?

Choosing the perfect Denver pergola for your outdoor space is easy, with our six expert tips. Remember to take exact measurements of your available area, think about the pergola’s function, and settle on a style that you love.

You will also want to keep your budget in mind and decide where the pergola will go, and what material it will need to be made of. 

And hey, presto! You are now ready to shop for the pergola that will transform the look and feel of your patio. Come take a look at the stunning selection that we feature at Colorado Classic Exteriors: we are sure that you will find the pergola of your dreams.