8 Tips on Maintenance for Colorado Exteriors

Owning a home requires a fair amount of upkeep to maintain or improve its value. Unfortunately, many Colorado homeowners think this only has to do with the interior of the house. Maintaining the exterior is just as important, as it helps preserve the structural integrity and longevity of your home.

To help you stay on top of these tasks, we have compiled eight tips on maintaining your Colorado exteriors.

Gutter Maintenance

Inspecting your gutters, especially in the fall and winter, is one of the best ways to identify and address problems before they become more serious. Try tightening any loose gutters you find by installing fascia hanger brackets.

If your downspouts have a dripping problem, attach a rope to the inside of the gutter. Water droplets will then cling to the rope rather than drop to the bottom.

You should clean your gutters at least once a year. This ensures the removal of leaves, dirt, and other debris, which tend to clog gutters over time. Also, consider installing vented or screened gutter guards to prevent debris from getting into your gutters.

Roof Maintenance

The roof is a vital part of your home that keeps the interior dry and helps maintain a temperature-controlled environment. To keep it in the best condition, start by getting rid of any leaning branches that may gouge holes in the roofing. Clean the roof regularly to remove pine needles, leaves, and other types of grime that could rot or clog the gutters.

Colorado winters can get very snowy and as such, you should pay proper attention to the roof it starts to snow. Remove snow as soon as possible to prevent ice dams on the roof. Repair any loose shingles or replace the damaged ones as needed.

Foundation Maintenance

Keeping the foundation in top shape should be part of your regular exterior maintenance schedule. This is because foundation problems aren’t always noticeable until it’s too late and there is a leak. This is why inspecting them two or three times a year for cracks, insects, and other forms of damage is crucial.

Implementing a water control program to maintain consistent moisture levels around the foundation is helpful. This will keep the soil from contracting and expanding, thus preventing foundation cracks.

Remember to grade the ground around the foundation so that water drains away from the house. Make sure that the foundation is safe from large trees whose roots may cause severe damage.



Siding Maintenance

The best way to clean your siding, regardless of the type, is to use a bucket of soapy water and a stiff brush. This should be done twice a year for optimal results. Perform an inspection every six months, checking for signs of wood rot, termites, and other forms of damage.

Any siding that shows signs of cracking or loosening should be repaired as soon as possible. Maintain caulking around windows, doors, and joints to keep moisture out of the siding. Call a professional if you notice any of these signs on your home’s exterior.

Patio Maintenance

Over time, you may notice that your patio, pergola, and pathways start to deteriorate in quality. This might be due to age or the extreme Colorado temperatures. The weather conditions may cause a shift in patio materials that may lead to serious problems if not professionally repaired.

Pressure washing your pergola, patio, and pathways at least once a year is a great way to keep them looking clean. It will prevent the accumulation of mold and any serious damage caused by Colorado’s sub-zero weather.

Windows and Door Maintenance

Depending on how old your home is, the windows and doors may need a little TLC. This will help protect your home against water damage, bugs, and drafts. Start by sealing any cracks and gaps in the windows and doors. New caulking is the most effective way to go about this task.

Squeaky doors can be annoying and set off dogs to bark at the littlest noise. The good news is that oiling them will fix the problem. Simply remove the pin from the hinge, apply a little petroleum jelly, then replace the pin. Ensure that the locks work properly and replace any doors or windows that are beyond repair.

Touch Up the Walls

Whether you have siding, stone, brick, or stucco walls, you’ll need to clean them regularly to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. It will also discourage rot and improve your home’s curb appeal. Use a pressure washer, and exercise caution around the windows and doors. You don’t want to accidentally spray water into the house.

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way towards revitalizing your Colorado exteriors. Whether your walls need an update or you want to switch things up, this is a great way to improve the overall look without an expensive home renovation.

Take Care of Vegetation

Remove or trim tree limbs that are close to the house. Leaving them to grow wildly can extensively damage shingles, siding, gutters, and windows. You should also check for tree growth near your power lines and trim them with caution.

Cleaning your home exteriors by getting rid of any fallen tree branches keeps your home looking neat. The same applies to dead leaves, which may prevent sunlight, water, and nutrients from reaching your grass. If they stay in your yard for too long, the dead leaves may end up killing your grass and attracting pests and insects.

Room for Improvement for Your Colorado Exteriors

There is always something to do to maintain your home’s exterior and ensure the best curb appeal possible. The above maintenance tips for Colorado exteriors can be applied to any home.

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