What to Know About Exterior Door Installation

Are you in the market looking for an exterior door installation? Or do you probably need to install a new exterior door?

Installing an exterior door is not as easy as it sounds. So many factors go into the process, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your home could be at risk for damage.

Here are some things to consider before installing a new door.

You should always make sure that the area where you will install the exterior door is clear of any debris or objects that may get in your way during installation.

Also, make sure there aren’t any power lines nearby because they can cause serious injury if they come into contact with the metal on your new door.

If you have questions about installing an exterior door safely, consult a professional contractor who specializes in this type of work.

They can help ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish so you can enjoy your beautiful new doors.

Considerations Before Installing Exterior Doors

Before you carry out any door replacement project, consider the following:


Measure the jamb and door before buying exterior doors to ensure they will fit. Most manufacturers have a standard size, but not everyone believes their entries are from the same place or exact dimensions.

Exterior doors should never get installed if there is a rotten wood frame, loose nails, or has poorly fitting joints. Also, the threshold must be flat, and water should not pool under the door.

If you have a steel door, make sure to use a rubber weatherstrip around it because metal doors can cause significant air leaks into your home that will increase your heating and cooling costs.

If you want a more energy-efficient exterior door installation, fiberglass doors are a great option.

Do You Need a Whole New Door?

If you’re trying to replace only the frame around your old door, consider that many types of exterior doors are on the market. Look at your options and decide what look you like best before making a sale.


Exterior doors should work smoothly and not stick, making it easy to open them with one hand. The door should lock securely, and the handle or knob works well. 

Ensure that exterior doors do not have excess play in the hinges or latches because this will make it harder to use the entries correctly. 

It’s also crucial that the exterior door has proper ventilation because this helps prevent condensation from building up on the interior of your entries.

Exterior doors should flush your home or have a minimal gap between them and any surrounding walls to keep rainwater out.

Also, never install an exterior door over a garage entrance to avoid water seeping into your home.

The Design

Make sure the exterior doors you are installing match the style of your home. The door should have a sturdy look while still aesthetically pleasing to you and everyone else who visits your house.

Do Exterior Doors Come in Different Shapes?

Yes, there are many different shapes of exterior doors available to you. However, it would be best to decide which form will work best for your house and which style makes you happy before choosing a new door.

Some common shapes are rectangular, square, oval, arched, and circular or round. Once you have decided on a new form, you will need to determine what exterior door materials you prefer.

If they are of high-quality material, they should last for many years. Also, they can help your home to look beautiful with their unique designs and shapes.

Thick or Thin?

If you live in a hot climate, thicker exterior doors work best because they don’t warp as easily as thinner ones. However, if you live in cold weather, go for the narrowest exterior door possible.

If your home is older and has smaller door openings, choose an exterior door with a shorter height to conserve space and keep it looking proportional to your home.

Also, ensure that the inside of the room that people will access using this new exterior door fits the height and width of the exterior door frame.

Doors and Accessibility

If you have disabled members in your family, make sure the new exterior doors accommodate wheelchairs and other equipment used by people with disabilities.

Also, check for grab bars on the inside of your home to ensure they work well with your new exterior doors.

You may need a skilled professional to install the exterior door if you have difficulty removing the old one or a complex installation for a non-professional.

Cost of Service

Exterior door installation services are typically inexpensive when done in one or two rooms but more expensive when installed in an entire house. It all depends on the materials used and the level of difficulty for your contractor.

If you can’t afford exterior door installations in every room of your home, consider working with a professional to do the doors that need it most.

This consideration is beneficial if your home has an aged or worn exterior door installation in one room or part of your house.

Be sure to read reviews of any professional you consider hiring for this job before agreeing to any work.

Duration of Service

Exterior door installation service will take an average of about four to eight hours if it is part of a larger remodeling project.

Keep in mind that you may have to wait for the contractor and client before starting and finishing your work.

As usual, make sure your contractor is reliable and has the proper licensing and training before hiring them for any service.

The Company Installing Experience

You should only hire professionals to install exterior door installations in your home.

If you are trying to save money on installing your new doors, consider doing it yourself. This job is typically effortless and requires only basic knowledge of carpentry tools.

Selecting what type of exterior door to buy can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with today’s many options.

If you don’t know what kind of exterior door to buy, consider talking to a professional before making any purchase.

Also, make sure that the exterior doors you are purchasing work well with your home and the area around it.

Warranties and Insurance

Make sure your contractor provides you with a warranty for any exterior door installation services they are performing on your home.

The materials used in external door installations will often come with guarantees, but it is always good to check before signing any agreements.

If anything happens when your exterior doors are being installed, your contractor should have insurance that covers any damage or other issues that may arise.

Safety First

Exterior door installation is not too difficult, but there are still some safety concerns you should keep in mind when trying to complete this job.

Ensure that the exterior doors you are installing don’t require you or any other worker to stand on ladders or use dangerous tools.

If anything seems unsafe, refuse the project and find another professional to take over.

Fixing and maintaining your home’s exterior doors should not be a light subject. While you can save some money by doing this job yourself, hiring a professional is usually worth the cost.

Consider your Budget and Needs 

The cost of exterior door installation varies widely depending on the needs of your home, the materials used, and any other remodeling projects you are doing.

Exterior doors are not too expensive for this job, but the costs can vary based on what type of door you are putting in or other factors.

Before signing any agreements, be sure to tell your contractor about the budget you have set aside for this job, and don’t let them talk you into spending more than you can afford.

You should also always get at least three quotes from professionals before hiring anyone for exterior door installation jobs.


Look at reviews of any professional you are considering hiring. Regardless of the company you choose, always take some time to research their reputation before hiring them.

See what other customers have said about this company and determine if there are any specific concerns or expectations you should know about before signing an agreement with them.

Communicate with the Company

Be sure to ask questions and communicate with your contractor to ensure they meet your expectations.

If you aren’t happy with the work done, don’t hesitate to talk about it with the professional you hired for this job. Doing this can help avoid any problems later on.

Make sure you know what kind of materials are in use so that you can properly maintain your new exterior doors.

Removing Old Exterior Doors

Before eradicating your old exterior doors, make sure they are not locked and carefully open them so they fall against a wall inside your home.

This way, the glass on your doors does not shatter, and your new doors will easily fit into the door frame.

You may need to use a chisel and hammer to pry them off the hinges for old exterior doors that lock or open out.

A drill is also helpful in removing old nails and hardware once the door gets removed from its hinges.

Contacting the Company

Be sure to ask for a written estimate and sign an agreement before you allow any work to start in your home. Doing this prevents any misunderstandings between you and the professional you hire for exterior door installation service.

Expect that there may be extra costs after signing the contract, so do not pay in full until the job is over and to your satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and talk with past customers of the company you plan to hire.

Also, some companies offer full-service like window replacement, door replacement, pergolas and patio covers, and siding replacement for the exteriors of homes; this could be a bonus for you.

Is Installation of Interior Doors Different From Exterior Doors?

Yes, Interior doors are much easier to install than exterior doors. Interior doors come in pre-made sizes and materials like MDF, plywood, and wood.

Professionals can quickly fix them by screwing hinges with screws (or leveled with shims if the gap is large). So they need less labor. Also, their price is much lower than exterior doors.

Exterior door installation needs to mortise the hinges into the door; this is very time-consuming and requires skilled workers. The materials are also different for exterior and interior doors. 

Exterior doors require sturdier steel or wooden material with good insulation capability, usually fiberglass with foam inside it to make it energy efficient.

Would a Wood Exterior Door Cost Less Than Steel Doors?

No, the price would be different depending on the quality of the product, insulation, and many other factors. Usually, steel doors have better sound insulation and are more energy-efficient and weather-resistant than wood doors.

Wood is much softer than metal, so it cannot withstand as much wear and tear as a metal door can.

For Exterior Doors, Which One Is Better: Steel or Wood?

This answer depends on your budget and the quality you are looking for in your new doors. In general, steel doors have much better insulation capabilities and are more energy-efficient than wooden doors.

But, the wooden exterior door installation price is less as compared to the steel door installation price.

Steel doors have a longer life, so metal exterior doors would be a better option if you are looking for durability. However, wooden surfaces can be easily painted and customized as well.

So both have their advantages and disadvantages, it also depends on what type of look you are trying to achieve with your new exterior doors.

The Process of Getting a New Exterior Door

The process of installing a new exterior door unit is quite daunting. For example, you will have to remove your old door and replace it with a new one, taking plenty of time, effort, and hard work.

However, this is not the case if you hire an exterior door installation company. They can swiftly come out to your home and install a new door unit for you without any delays or hassles.

The installation professionals will come out with a truck full of different types of door units to give you a wide range of choices for your new exterior door.

They will then help you pick the perfect one and have it installed within a few hours. 

In no time at all, your home will gain a brand new and beautiful exterior door unit, and you can be on your way to enjoying the new look that it has brought into your home.

After Installation

After installing your new exterior door is complete, you will need to ensure that it is appropriately taken care of.

These steps include ensuring that all screws are adequately tightened and periodically checking for minor problems like dings or pulls on the unit.

If you take proper care of your exterior door, it should last you a long time and continue improving your home’s look for many years.

What Can Go Wrong During Installation of Exterior Doors?

When installing any new door, especially an exterior one, there is plenty that can go wrong. For example, if the frame is improperly installed, then the whole unit will need replacement. Unfortunately, this includes not only the door but the frame as well.

Some professional exterior door installation companies will ensure that their work gets done perfectly to avoid coming back solely to fix something they messed upon.

Remember to Agree on Payment Terms

Door installation companies usually request that you pay for the product in full either when they come out or at installation time. They then bill you monthly or bi-monthly to repay their loans.

Only agree to this if you can afford it and if you don’t think your budget will change soon.

What Should You Not Do in Exterior Door Installation?

The worst thing you can do is agree on payment terms and then not pay for your product. If you cannot afford it or your budget will change soon, make sure to let the company know right away, so they do not come back later with a payment collection agency at their heels. 

It is also a bad idea to go with the cheapest company that you find because this frequently results in poor-quality work. If you do not want to spend much money, make sure that you choose a quality door installation company.

You should avoid cutting corners to save money when it comes to the exterior door installation cost.

If the company is cheap, they are likely not very good at their jobs, which could result in you having to completely replace your exterior door because of various mistakes made during its installation.

Also, unless you can’t afford it, don’t try to install it yourself. Always contact a professional. The safest and most reliable way to get a new exterior door is by hiring a company specializing in interior and exterior door installation services.

Do These Doors Rust?

No. Exterior doors do not rust because they are of different metal alloys specially meant to keep moisture out and protect your home’s interior. 

They also have a high-quality paint coat that helps them look beautiful and keep up their appearance for many years without needing repainting or any touch-ups.

Think about which doors are in place on your property and how much time and money you’re willing to spend on this project.

How Can You Make Sure That Your New Exterior Door Lasts As Long as Possible?

An excellent way to make sure that your new exterior door lasts is to make sure that it gets installed properly.

If something goes wrong during the installation process, it can cause problems for your door down the line.

Another thing to do to ensure that your exterior door lasts you a long time is to take care of its appearance by wiping it down with a clean cloth when necessary.

Also, ensure you check for any problems like dings or pulls and get those repaired as soon as possible.

Never leave your exterior door exposed to the elements without a cover on it because this will cause it to rot and rust.

If you want to keep your new door in perfect condition, then you should always install a cover before leaving it without one.

The advantages of new doors include price, durability, energy efficiency, security features, looks and style options, and sound insulation. 

Window Replacement

Window replacement is another exterior door installation cost. Again, ask your local hardware store which windows they think are the best for your house and if their prices are better than other companies you have checked out.

Contacting a professional is also essential to ensure that the window installed won’t warp over time, allowing drafts in, or be too hard to operate.

If you cannot afford new windows, you can put up permanent or temporary shutters and blinds to block the sun and wind.

It would help to fill your window wells with gravel and sand before replacing old exterior doors. This process will help retain heat in the winter (reducing your heating bill) and keep air conditioner units from overheating during hot summer months.

Getting Started on Your Exterior Door Installation

As you can see, there’s a lot to know about exterior door installation. You need to consider all the aspects of your home and walk through what will work best for you before making any decisions. 

Your installer should provide more information specific to your situation, so make sure you ask plenty of questions during consultations with them.

Colorado Classic Exteriors will be more than glad to help you. Feel free to send us an email, and we will try to reply as soon as possible; also, our website is full of the information you might find helpful.