Instead of Negotiating with Contractors, Just Say "No." Here's Why.

Have you ever felt like you needed to haggle in order to get the better deal?

Maybe you haven’t been interested in having to ask for the best deal, but felt that if you don’t barter over it a little, then you’re getting taken advantage of.

Haggling comes from a place of insecurity.

People haggle when they feel unsure of the value they are getting for the product they want. Am I really getting the best deal? We walk into stores today and don’t question the price, we may question the value, but what control do we have over the price displayed for your jug of milk, or the carton of eggs you want that is no longer $1.99 but is now $5.99? We come across pricing all the time and have no control over how much we are spending for the things we want. We are forced to put groceries on credit card bills if things are tight or refinance our home in order to tear down that god-awful deck that’s been repainted 4 times since you’ve owned your home. How well do we, as consumers, know what we are paying for and how confident are we when we make our purchases? Is it what we really want, or are we being persuaded in some way?

The only security that we have as consumers is to shop for the best deal, but is the deal real or is it some gimmick where I, the consumer, am still getting ripped off? How can we be certain? In the home improvement industry, we are still “wheeling and dealing” and providing consumers with the opportunity to haggle for their price. You are faced with an option, probably written on a piece of paper, and then forced to say “not today” in order to get a better offer, and guess what, they give you one. Then as a final result you meet with many other companies and pit them against each other to get an even better deal. “Who’s willing to bend over a little farther?” What’s the flaw in this model? Nothing if you like to haggle for what you want. What about the rest of us?

Embrace your POWER OF NO!

No brings security. No can start a discussion.

No, I don’t want to haggle with your commissioned sales reps. I want to get a good deal, but I don’t want to negotiate over it like my project is a hostage. Consumers today are willing to spend a little more for a good value, but consumers are left with the hard work of researching for themselves. We are left vulnerable when shopping for home improvement because there are no coaches or representatives that are on our side. We read mixed reviews on this or that and roll the dice that it’s going to be a good experience.

Enter HOPE.

At CCE we want to do exactly that. Think of us as your fairy god-mother. We are here to guide you through the right projects, with manufacturers we work with that meet our quality of standards for excellence. We manage your project after you purchase not before you purchase. We provide you with buying options. A home improvement project can be a big “GULP” and you need options on how to afford it. We may not have the cheapest, but we have the best value and we’re willing to show you why. ​