Free Home Improvement Guide

Discover the top 7 home improvement projects that delivered the best return on investment for homeowners in this advanced guide.

Ready to Improve Your Home, But Not Sure Where to Start?

Have you ever wondered whether you’ll get your money back on a home improvement project when it comes time to sell your house? Do you have a project in mind, but you want to check that it’s a smart investment first?

We’ve got you covered! We collected the data on what home improvement projects give homeowners the best value as measured by cost recouped. We then put together this guide with handy tips to help you get started on any of the seven projects that ranked as the best investments.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • the 7 top home improvement projects, measured by cost recouped
  • the cost you can expect to spend on each project
  • the average resale value of each project
  • design tips from architects, interior designers and realtors
  • what materials provide the best insulation and energy efficiency
  • what materials provide the best value, aesthetics, and durability
  • how to choose the right budget for each project
  • what maintenance you should plan on to make your investments last
  • how to match your project budget to your neighborhood and home price point
  • how to save time, meet safety codes, and get the best performance out of new home products
  • the #1 factor that determines whether a home improvement project will increase your home value
  • how to choose beautiful products with broad market appeal