Meet Anlin's Freedom+ Patio Doors... with a Pet Door Built Into the Glass!

Pet Doors: Freedom On Demand.

One of the most requested items from our homeowners, is a pet door for their patio door. Commonly referred to as “doggie door”, it’s easy to understand why.

Homeowners enjoy the freedom to come and go, as well as their pets. There is no need to restrict plans and schedules when the dog door can create access to the great outdoors.


Until recently, this request has largely been outsourced to a third-party company who installs the pet door into an existing door but, no more! We are so excited to partner with a manufacture that can provide it all in one. With Anlin’s Freedom+ In-Glass Pet Doors, the patio door can be ordered with your choice of pet door size, already installed. (Insert excitement here).

A pet door has many wonderful details.

The flap comes with a magnetic seal and weather stripping keeping the outside out, aside from what you pet might bring in, we have no control over that.

The slim design of the door means it can be fully opened, even if the closure panel is inserted and latched. An added convenience and design element is the door can be installed in any lower corner of a sliding door or french door. Meaning, you can enjoy the beauty and design of a french door and still have a pet friendly environment.

Most importantly, for our homeowners, Anlin warranties all door components. Purchasing a pet door after-market, means that most manufacturers void their warranty on their products. With Anlin, you get a win-win.

Maybe it’s time to retire as your pet’s doorman. Bring on the freedom!