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Patio Doors in Denver: 7 Things to Assess Before a Purchase

A patio door is an important part of completing your home renovations. Once you’ve finished with the backyard, you’ll need a good transition point from inside to outside. 

The best patio doors Denver homes need are going to be ones that match your aesthetic while protecting you from the hot summers and cold winters. As a result, you need to decide on certain materials, features, and your specific home’s needs. 

Here are seven things to assess before purchasing your new patio doorway.

1. Door Material

A lot of different materials can go into the construction of your patio door. Sliding glass doors tend to work with a metal or vinyl frame. A french style door has glass panes extending throughout its length, but the rest of the material can vary. 

For example, a wood patio door is one of the most common patio door materials, but how well it holds up will depend on the type of wood. Poplar is inexpensive and paints well. Red oak is more durable, which may come in handy in the Denver, Colorado area

Homeowners could also consider fiberglass composite doors due to their modern appeal. They require little maintenance but can crack when taking a hit.  

2. French Door vs Sliding

Two of the most popular options for patio doors are French-style and sliding doors.

A French patio door is more traditional and lets in less light than a sliding glass door. Meanwhile, sliding glass doors help to open up your space and go great with any new patio decor. 

Keep in mind that the best patio doors Denver homes will have to stand up to all kinds of weather. A glass door will need protection during heavy storms.

Whichever type of door you decide on, there are always ways to customize it in advance. For example, you can buy a glass door with a pet door built into it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a French or sliding style door. 

3. Matching Your Decor

Of course, an important consideration is purchasing patio doors that match your home’s overall aesthetic.

If you’re a gardener with a lot of floral arrangements, then a metal frame will detract from that. For a home that wants more natural light, a sliding glass door is a perfect choice.

Overall, French doors give your home a more classic look. The type of wood you decide on can also affect your aesthetic with different colors and grains. 

You may also opt for a sliding door if there isn’t a lot of space on your patio for an outward opening option. 

4. Price Point

For a lot of homeowners, the type of patio doors they purchase will depend heavily on what they can afford. Does it fit the doorway? If so, it’s bought. 

The price of a patio door will depend on various factors. 

Wood patio doors tend to be more expensive due to the types of wood involved. While pine lies on the cheaper side, a cherry patio door could run you thousands of dollars. 

There are also options for pocket doors, stacking doors, and bi-fold doors. These all utilize different construction methods to hide away the doors when they’re not in use. 

Pocket doors slide each panel into a pocket in the wall on either side. Stacking doors slide on top of one another. Bi-fold doors are stacked and folded against the sidewalls. 

If you’re not sure what to purchase, use an online door estimating tool to see how much a specific option will cost. 

5. Energy Efficiency

Most people won’t consider this, but the type of patio doors you decide on will affect your home’s energy efficiency and interior conditions.

Sliding glass doors let in a lot of light. While some homeowners consider this a good thing, it also means the area of your home it’s attached to will really heat up in the summer.

Subsequently, you may end up running your AC a lot more. Glass windows and doorways can be tinted, but that’ll cost you extra. 

During the summer, homes also lose heat because of glass doors because they’re not great insulators. 

6. Maintenance

Maintenance may also be an issue depending on your patio doors. The more complex builds, such as folding doors, may break down more often. A sliding glass door won’t need to be painted, but the entire glass panel would have to get replaced if it cracked or shattered. 

Vinyl and fiberglass typically require the least amount of maintenance. Meanwhile, wood and steel can warp and develop other issues. 

7. Security

A major concern for any entryway into your home is the security measures. How can you best prevent intruders from getting into your home while keeping the aesthetic you most desire?

Normally, a sliding glass door isn’t the most secure option. Glass can easily be broken, and the locking mechanisms aren’t the best. 

One way to deal with this is to add an alarm sensor that can monitor anyone forcing the door open. Window film can help prevent the glass from completely falling apart, deterring them from entering. 

French-style doors can be fitted with more traditional locks, such as a deadbolt. 

Purchase Patio Doors in Denver

When you’ve finished up your new patio and other home renovations, you’ll need to get some new doors to match. The best patio doors for the Denver area are going to be sturdy and weather-resistant. You also want to find a way to keep the summer heat and cold winters from getting in. 

At Colorado Classic Exteriors, we offer the right products for your home, whether you need new doors, windows, or a pergola. We also offer financing options. Check us out if you’re interested in your next home renovation.

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